Custom Product Development

Any customer can work with the MACt Technical team to design useful and affordable solutions to achieve the precise technical results they require. Our technical team is highly knowledgeable in the field of polymer-modified cement products.

MACt | Technical Team Develops Specialised Custom Products

Our staff has expertise in mining and construction items in addition to glass fibre reinforced concrete. Our technical team will contact you to scope your project once we get your contact information and needs.

A cement scientist with over 35 years of experience dealing with polymer modified concrete products leads the MACt Technical Department. For usage in the mining and construction industries, our team has created a number of items that are industry leaders.

MACt currently has two cutting-edge laboratories where our products are created and put through rigorous testing. We are prepared to offer various cementitious product third-party testing services.

The MACt Technical Department will assist your company in:

  • Create novel formulas
  • Formulary development
  • Create concrete admixtures and mixes
  • Enhanced production effectiveness
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Custom Product Development

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