Information MACt Premix

MACt Premix is a general 100+ MPa GFRC mix. It is constructed from very high whiteness Portland cement, a specific washed and dried white sand of optimum particle size.

Mact Premix

These are blended with the specialist polymers, hydration modifiers and super plasticisers at accurately controlled levels. It is a complete, professional grade GFRC mix.

Coverage per bag -½ sqm @20mm thick.

What Are The Typical Levels To Add The Different Admixtures Into Mact Mixes?

Typical additional admixtures levels for a 20kg
Water: 2.78L–3.0L
Plasticiser: 10g – 50g
Fibres HD: 50g-300g
Fibres Bundled: 400g-700g
Retarder: 5g-20g
Accelerator: 5g–20g
Defoamer: 1g-3g
Colour: up to 800g
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