Yellow Oxide

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Yellow Oxide
Yellow Oxide $16.50$73.70 Inc GST
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Yellow Oxide
Yellow Oxide
$16.50$73.70 Inc GST

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Yellow Oxide (1kg)

Yellow iron oxide is a popular and widely-used pigment in the construction industry, known for its bright and sunny colour that can bring a warm and welcoming feel to any project. This versatile pigment has a range of applications and can be used in various products such as concrete, decorative plaster, coatings, roofing materials, masonry, stucco, flooring, steel structures, plastics, synthetic materials, and ceramic tiles.

In concrete, yellow iron oxide can be added to give it a vibrant appearance. This pigment can be used in decorative paving stones, tiles, and structural components such as beams and columns, to create a striking finish that stands out. Additionally, yellow iron oxide can be used in decorative plaster finishes to add a touch of warmth to interior and exterior walls, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Yellow iron oxide is also an excellent choice for exterior coatings, where it can withstand harsh weather conditions while maintaining its bright and sunny colour. It can be used as a pigment in roofing materials, such as tiles and metal sheets, to create a bold and eye-catching finish. Furthermore, it is commonly used in the production of masonry products such as bricks, blocks, and tiles, to give them a unique and colourful finish.

Stucco, a popular building material, can benefit from the addition of yellow iron oxide. By adding this pigment, stucco can have a warm and inviting finish that stands out. Yellow iron oxide can also be used in concrete flooring and paving to create a bright and sunny appearance while protecting it from wear and tear.

In addition to its use in building materials, yellow iron oxide is commonly used in the production of plastics, synthetic materials, and ceramic tiles. Its bright colour can be used to create eye-catching finishes in a wide range of products.

Yellow iron oxide is particularly popular in GFRC manufacturing, where it is used to add colour to the material. GFRC, or glass-fibre reinforced concrete, is a lightweight and durable material that is commonly used in the construction industry. The addition of yellow iron oxide to GFRC can enhance its aesthetic appeal and make it a more versatile material for decorative and functional purposes.

Overall, yellow iron oxide is a reliable and versatile pigment that can enhance the appearance of a wide range of construction and building projects. Its bright and sunny colour, coupled with its excellent durability and chemical resistance, makes it an excellent choice for those looking to add colour and vibrancy to their building materials. Yellow Oxide (1Kg) is an excellent option for those looking to incorporate this pigment into their projects. With its high-quality and consistent colour, Yellow Oxide (10Kg) can help ensure that your project has a stunning and long-lasting finish.

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