Makinex Mixing Station with Makinex Mixer

$2,145.00 Inc GST

Makinex Mixing Station with Makinex Mixer

Makinex Mixing Station with Makinex Mixer $2,145.00 Inc GST
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Makinex Mixing Station with Makinex Mixer
$2,145.00 Inc GST

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Makinex Mixing Station with Makinex Mixer

The Makinex Mixing Station MS-100 is a powerful and portable solution for mixing and pouring self-levelling cements, compounds, and epoxies with maximum efficiency and precision. Designed by contractors for contractors, this versatile mixing station is perfect for a wide range of applications in construction, flooring, and tiling, allowing users to get the job done faster and with superior quality.

The Makinex Mixing Station can mix up to 100kg (220lbs) batches in just 3 minutes, making it an ideal solution for large jobs such as pouring concrete floors, laying tiles, or installing epoxy coatings. With additional stations, larger jobs over 80 square meters (861 square feet) can be completed quickly and easily. The mixing station features an easy tilt operation and ergonomic design, ensuring complete control and speed for precision pouring, even in tight spaces.

This mixing station is compatible with various types of stirrers/mixers, including the Festool MX1600, which is sold separately. This flexibility allows users to choose the right mixing tool for their specific needs, and to achieve consistent and reliable results every time. It is recommended to contact your retailer for more information on other suitable models.

The Makinex Mixing Station features a dust/splash reduction cover for safer and cleaner use, making it ideal for indoor applications. Its ultra-lightweight construction ensures maximum portability and easy transportation to and from job sites. This portable mixing station provides efficient, hands-free mixing, eliminating the need for manual mixing in traditional mixing buckets, saving time and reducing the risk of injury.

This mixing station is suitable for a wide range of applications, including leveling concrete floors, preparing substrates for tiling, installing epoxy coatings, and much more. With its fast and efficient mixing capabilities, it is ideal for both small and large-scale projects in residential, commercial, and industrial settings.

The Makinex Mixing Station provides excellent value and pays for itself quickly, saving time on jobs and reducing labor costs. Its precision mixing capabilities ensure a consistent and high-quality mix every time, resulting in superior finished products. Whether you’re a contractor, a DIY enthusiast, or a professional tradesperson, the Makinex Mixing Station is the ultimate mixing solution for your next project.

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