Lanotech Lano-Form

$103.91$1,446.63 Inc GST

Lanotech Lano-Form (20L)

Lanotech Lano-Form
Lanotech Lano-Form $103.91$1,446.63 Inc GST
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Lanotech Lano-Form
Lanotech Lano-Form
$103.91$1,446.63 Inc GST

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Lanotech Lano-Form (10L, 20L & 200L)

Introducing Lanotech Lano-Form, a ready-to-use, lanolin-based concrete release agent that offers excellent performance on a variety of surfaces, including steel, timber, plywood, plastic, and fibreglass. This innovative product provides an easy and efficient way to extend the life of your timber and metal moulds, while protecting your equipment from concrete and paint overspray.

Lano-Form is specially designed for use in environmentally sensitive areas and waterways. Its lanolin-based formula is derived from natural, sustainable ingredients, making it safe for use in a variety of applications. Whether you are working on formwork, precast or tilt panel projects, Lano-Form is the perfect solution for achieving a clean and professional finish.

One of the most impressive features of Lano-Form is its excellent performance with specialised and geo-polymer concrete. It is a non-staining release agent that is compatible with most coating systems, making it an ideal choice for any concrete project. In addition, it is safe on rubbers and polystyrene, so you can use it with confidence on a wide range of materials.

Using Lano-Form is easy and straightforward. There is no need to dilute the product, as it is ready to use straight out of the container. Before application, ensure that the form surface is clean and dry. Good quality spray applicators are recommended for a fine and even coverage. For best results, it is recommended that Lano-Form be applied by spray application. A fine mist is all that is required, and coverage rates are approximately 20-25m² per litre.

For formwork applications, ensure a light and even coverage, and only one coat is required. No cleaning is required between pours, simply spray, pour, strip, and repeat. When using Lano-Form as a bond breaker, apply two even diagonal opposing coats to the top of the cured panel. In extreme heat, panels can be sprayed with water before Lano-Form is applied to reduce the amount absorbed by the cured panel.

Lano-Form is a non-Dangerous Goods product that can be safely stored in a cool, dry place. Its shelf life is approximately two years from the manufacture date, which is clearly labelled on the container. When you are ready to use it, simply shake the 20L container or agitate the 200L drum with a mechanical stirrer or air hose system before use or decanting.

In conclusion, Lano-Form is an innovative and effective solution for your concrete release agent needs. Its lanolin-based formula, non-DG classification, and excellent performance with specialised and geo-polymer concrete make it a versatile and reliable choice for any concrete project. With Lano-Form, you can extend the life of your timber and metal moulds, protect your equipment from concrete and paint overspray, and achieve a clean and professional finish every time.

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