Sundström SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor

$1,254.00 Inc GST

Sundström SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor

Sundström SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor $1,254.00 Inc GST
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Sundström SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor
$1,254.00 Inc GST

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Sundström SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor

The Sundström SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor offers top-of-the-line respiratory protection for high-impact particle hazards, liquid splashes and molten metal. Designed for use with the battery-powered SR 500 or SR 500 EX fan and approved filters, the helmet can also be connected to any compressed air supply using the SR 507 supplied air regulator.

The SR580 helmet is equipped with a visor to protect the face and head. The air flow system in the helmet keeps the visor mist-free, providing clear vision and excellent protection. The helmet’s adjustable head harness and replaceable breathing hose ensure comfort and convenience, while the exhalation valve helps prevent overheating.

This helmet also features an optional peel-off visor film for extended visor life, and a standard fastener for ear muffs. The SR580 helmet is built to last, with a high-impact particle-resistant visor and durable materials designed to withstand the toughest industrial environments.

The helmet can be used in a variety of applications, including metalworking, welding, grinding, and foundry work. It is ideal for industries where respiratory protection and head protection are essential, such as construction, manufacturing, and mining.

With the SR580 Supplied-Air Helmet & Visor, workers can focus on the task at hand without worrying about airborne hazards. The helmet’s intrinsically safe design ensures that it is safe for use in hazardous environments, while its easy connection to the SR 500 or SR 500 EX fan or compressed air supply makes it a versatile and reliable choice for any job.

Sundström is a trusted name in respiratory protection, and the SR580 helmet is no exception. Built to the highest standards of quality and safety, this helmet is a smart investment for any industrial workplace looking to provide top-of-the-line respiratory protection for their workers.

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