MACt Glass Fibre Rebar

$11.00 Inc GST

MACt Glass Fibre Rebar 10mm x 1.45m offers unmatched strength and durability for construction. This innovative GFRP rebar, weighing 75% less than steel, reduces labor and transportation costs. With twice the tensile strength of steel, it withstands tough demands.

Corrosion-free, it ensures a longer lifespan and low maintenance. Cut to fit various needs, it’s ideal for tunnels, high-voltage areas, or sensitive environments. Say goodbye to corrosion risks with this eco-friendly, sustainable construction solution. Choose MACt for strength, longevity, and a greener future in construction.

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MACt Glass Fibre Rebar
MACt Glass Fibre Rebar $11.00 Inc GST
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MACt Glass Fibre Rebar
MACt Glass Fibre Rebar
$11.00 Inc GST

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GFRP Rebar 10mm x 1.45m

GFRP (glass fiber reinforced polymer)

✔ 75% Lighter Than Steel
¼ the weight of steel – less labour, less freight, faster & safer on-site handling

✔ Corrosion-free reinforcement
perfect for highly corrosive environments (exposed to water, salt & humidity)

✔ Higher Bond Strength
increasing the rebar spacing

✔ High tensile strength
2x times greater than steel

✔ Cuttable reinforcement
TBM tunnel development and soft-eyes

✔ Non-conductive reinforcement
perfect solution for high voltage currents and magnetic fields.

✔ Non-magnetic reinforcement
hospital & laboratory applications

✔ Risk free alternative to epoxy coated steel, galvanised rebar and stainless steel – (no accelerated corrosion or anodal corrosion due to scratches during on-site handling)

✔ Sustainable
low carbon footprint

Discover the next generation of construction reinforcement with our GFRP Rebar. Measuring 10mm x 1.45m, this glass fiber reinforced polymer bar is innovatively designed to offer substantial benefits over traditional steel rebar. Whether your project involves GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) or regular concrete, this GFRP rebar brings a revolutionary approach to reinforcement.

Being 75% lighter than steel, this rebar significantly reduces labour and freight costs, while accelerating on-site handling. But don’t let its lightweight nature fool you — it packs a punch when it comes to strength and durability. With a high tensile strength that’s 2x greater than steel, this GFRP rebar has been engineered to withstand the most demanding construction needs.

Highly versatile and resilient, our GFRP rebar is the perfect solution for environments exposed to water, salt, and humidity. Unlike traditional steel, it’s corrosion-free, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance costs. Moreover, it possesses a higher bond strength, thus allowing for increased rebar spacing in your projects.

Our GFRP rebar also stands out when it comes to handling specific project requirements. Its cuttable reinforcement feature makes it ideal for TBM tunnel development and soft-eyes. If you’re working around high voltage currents or magnetic fields, this non-conductive rebar is your go-to choice. Moreover, for hospital and laboratory applications, its non-magnetic properties come as a great advantage.

This rebar is a risk-free alternative to epoxy coated steel, galvanised rebar, and stainless steel. With no accelerated corrosion or anodal corrosion due to scratches during on-site handling, it offers a level of reliability and durability that is unmatched.

But it’s not just about the strength and resilience of our GFRP rebar. This product is a testament to sustainable construction practices, boasting a low carbon footprint. By incorporating this rebar into your projects, you’re making a commitment to more environmentally friendly construction, without sacrificing quality or performance.

In summary, our 10mm x 1.45m GFRP Rebar offers superior performance with a lower environmental impact. Ideal for GFRC and regular concrete projects, it’s the answer to corrosion-free, lightweight, high-strength, and sustainable reinforcement. When it comes to modern construction, this product is more than just a smart choice – it’s the future of reinforcement.

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10mm x 1.45m

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