Tenax Soildo Nero 1L (Black)

$46.75 Inc GST

Tenax Soildo Nero 1L (Black)
Tenax Soildo Nero 1L (Black) $46.75 Inc GST
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Tenax Soildo Nero 1L (Black)
Tenax Soildo Nero 1L (Black)
$46.75 Inc GST

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Unlock Unparalleled Precision: Tenax Soildo Nero Mastic for Premium Stone Bonding


  • Unmatched Bonding: Achieve rock-solid connections on Concrete, Marble, Onyx, and Stone surfaces, ensuring your projects stand the test of time.
  • Exceptional Reactivity: No matter the temperature, experience reliable adhesive performance for flawless results, even in cooler environments.
  • Low VOC Formula: Breath easy knowing you’re using a product with minimal volatile organic compounds, contributing to a healthier workspace.
  • Aesthetic Excellence: Create stunning installations with seamless blending, thanks to the mastic’s high viscosity and precise application.
  • Vertical Mastery: Easily handle vertical installations, as the mastic’s thixotropic properties prevent sagging and ensure consistent adhesion.


  1. High-Viscosity Formula: Thick and easy-to-control consistency ensures precise application, eliminating messy drips.
    • Benefit: Achieve clean, professional finishes without mess or frustration.
  2. Multi-Surface Versatility: Designed for Concrete, Marble, Stone, and Engineered Stone applications.
    • Benefit: Versatile solution for various projects, reducing the need for multiple adhesives.
  3. Rapid Cure Time: Rapid bonding and setting for quicker project completion.
    • Benefit: Save valuable time without compromising on quality.
  4. Temperature Resilience: Excellent reactivity even in low-temperature conditions.
    • Benefit: Trust in consistent performance regardless of weather conditions.
  5. Durable Adhesion: Provides lasting, unyielding bonds for enduring installations.
    • Benefit: Ensure your creations withstand the test of time with confidence.

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