Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs – 150mm – 25 Pack-P40

$77.00 Inc GST

Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs – 150mm – 25 Pack-P40 offer elevated sanding performance, ideal for challenging tasks. Designed for demanding tasks, they combine a ceramic grain abrasive with Abranet’s innovative mesh backing.

This unique blend ensures outstanding results on tough surfaces like cement, carbon fiber, composites, adhesives, and timber. The ceramic grains provide exceptional durability and longevity. Maintain cleanliness and safety with Abranet’s dust extraction capabilities. Upgrade your sanding with Mirka Abranet Ace Ceramic Discs and experience superior results on challenging projects.

Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs - 150mm - 25 Pack-P40
Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs - 150mm - 25 Pack-P40 $77.00 Inc GST
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Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs - 150mm - 25 Pack-P40
Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs – 150mm – 25 Pack-P40
$77.00 Inc GST

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Mirka Abranet Ace HD Ceramic Discs – 150mm – 25 Pack-P40

Introducing Abranet Ace HD: The Durable and High-Performance Sanding Solution

Upgrade your sanding game with Abranet Ace HD, the ultimate choice for heavy-duty applications. With its ceramic grains and robust net structure, this product offers exceptional durability and toughness, making it ideal for even the most demanding sanding tasks. Whether you’re sanding various wood types, composites, or stripping old paint and lacquer, Abranet Ace HD delivers outstanding results every time.

The key to Abranet Ace HD’s superior performance lies in its innovative design. The woven mesh backing has been improved to enhance the lifetime of the abrasive, ensuring that it withstands high wear and tear. Additionally, the strong net structure provides resistance against heavy usage, allowing you to tackle tough projects with ease. Say goodbye to frequent replacements and hello to a longer-lasting sanding solution.

Featuring a strong bonding of ceramic grains, Abranet Ace HD excels in fast stock removal. With this abrasive, heavy-duty sanding tasks become a breeze. The ceramic grains effortlessly remove material, saving you time and effort. Whether you’re shaping hard wood, removing lacquers, or stripping paint, Abranet Ace HD guarantees efficient and effective results.

To cater to your specific needs, Abranet Ace HD is available in four coarse grits: P40, P60, P80, and P120. Choose the grit that suits your project requirements, ensuring precision and control throughout the sanding process. Additionally, the discs come in two sizes: 150mm and 125mm, providing versatility and compatibility with a wide range of sanders.

Compatibility is key, and Abranet Ace HD has you covered. These discs are designed to be compatible with popular sander brands such as Mirka, Festool, Rupes, Metabo, Makita, Bosch, and many others. No matter which sander you prefer, rest assured that Abranet Ace HD will deliver exceptional results.

Abranet Ace HD’s specifications are as follows: it has a Grip attachment type, a PA net backing material, resin over resin bonding, a closed coating, a brownish color, and a diameter of 150mm. It is available in disc form and uses ceramic or ceramic-coated grains. The hole configuration is NET, and each pack contains 25 discs.

When it comes to application suitability, Abranet Ace HD shines in various areas. It is particularly well-suited for paint stripping and removal, tackling hard woods, and working with lacquers. No matter the task at hand, Abranet Ace HD provides the durability, performance, and efficiency you need to achieve outstanding results.

Abranet Ace HD is the go-to choice for heavy-duty sanding applications. Its ceramic grains, durable net structure, and improved woven mesh backing ensure long-lasting performance and fast stock removal. With compatibility across a wide range of sanders and a variety of grit options, Abranet Ace HD offers versatility and precision. Upgrade your sanding experience today with Abranet Ace HD and achieve exceptional results with ease.


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