Mirka Deros 5650CV 125/150mm Sander – Vac. Orb. 5.0 with Case

$1,289.00 Inc GST

Mirka Deros 5650CV 125/150mm Sander - Vac. Orb. 5.0 with Case $1,289.00 Inc GST
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Mirka Deros 5650CV 125/150mm Sander – Vac. Orb. 5.0 with Case
$1,289.00 Inc GST

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The Mirka DEROS 5650CV 125/150mm in case is a truly versatile kit that includes a Mirka DEROS 650CV, 150mm backing pad, 125mm backing pad, and a Mirka Case that stacks and locks with all other Mirka Cases.

The option of changing between the two backing pads gives you unprecedented flexibility. The 150mm pad is perfect for efficiently sanding large(r) surface areas, ensuring the surface remains flat.

The Deros is the smallest and most ergonomic direct electric random orbital sander in its class – equipped with a brushless motor which maintains constant speed, even under heavy load.

The Deros has the lowest vibration values in its class, featuring an integrated vibration sensor, and a unique symmetrical design that enables for the tool to be used for long periods without fatigue. Pair the Deros with the myMirka app, and comprehensively monitor your vibration exposure.

The 125mm pad is ideal for sanding small sections of timber such boxes or the edges of a table. The ergonomic design allows the user is to hold the sander parallel to thin surfaces while sanding material smaller than the backing pad. The sander can be held directly behind the pad with the hand closer to the work surface than any other sander on the market, giving the user complete control.

Ideal for general sanding tasks on all kinds of surfaces, the DEROS 5650 is engineered to deliver the best possible power, ergonomics and working environment to the user. Its 5.0mm oscillation makes it perfect for finishing and refining surfaces, as well as removing finishes and paints.

The Mirka DEROS 5650 is the first ever sanding machine with a brushless motor and purely internal power supply. With a compact transformer built right into the handle, it delivers performance comparable to a 500W sander in a feather-light package. The electronic control is capable of maintaining a constant motor speed of up to 10,000rpm even under heavy load, running on 220-240V mains power.

All DEROS sanders have a soft start function to minimise stress on the wrist, as well as a brake, so there is no waiting for the pad to wind down after use. The DEROS’s unique symmetrical design makes it just as comfortable whether it s being used in the left or the right hand, and the longer body provides the option of a two-hand grip. No matter how it is held, it is easy to operate smoothly with the ergonomic stop/go lever situated on top of the machine.

When coupled with an extraction system the DEROS 5650 provides an almost dust-free sanding experience. The backing pads are patterned with openings to accommodate the dust extraction features of most commonly available varieties of sandpaper, and when used with Abranet abrasives, it will extract dust through every single one. All dust is extracted through a central air inlet for improved airflow and the most efficient dust extraction possible.

The perimeter of the pad holds six additional dust extraction inlets above the work surface capable of sucking up dust that may escape from the side of the pad during sanding. For ideal results, Best Abrasives recommends pairing the 5650 with a Mirka Dust Extractor. However, any commercial vacuum can be used with a DEROS sander using a hose and connector.


• Deros 150mm Random Orbital Sander 5.0mm
• Backing Pad for Deros Sander 125mm
• Mirka Standard Storage Case


• Lightweight
• Brushless motor
• Efficient sanding
• Soft start function
• Ergonomic
• 2 in 1 Sander


Power input: 350 W
Voltage main supply: 220-240 VAC
Speed: 4000 – 10000/min rpm
Orbit: 5mm
Size of pad: 125 / 150mm
Weight: 1.05kg
Noise Level, LpA: 71dB
Vibration level: 3.4m/s²
Dust system: Central vacuum ready
Packaging: Plastic case
Pad included (code): 8292605011, 8292502511
Mains frequency: 50/60 Hz


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