MACt Lithium Densifier

$326.70$13,750.00 Inc GST

MACt Lithium Densifier (20Kg)

MACt Lithium Densifier
MACt Lithium Densifier $326.70$13,750.00 Inc GST
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MACt Lithium Densifier
MACt Lithium Densifier
$326.70$13,750.00 Inc GST

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MACt Lithium Densifier (20Kg)

Introducing the MACt Lithium Densifier, a professional-grade concrete densifier designed specifically for concrete polishing and dust proofing. This ready-to-use solution is perfect for concrete floor polishing in a variety of settings, including industrial facilities, commercial spaces, restaurants, retail stores, and car parks.

Unlike potassium or sodium silicates, MACt Lithium Densifier contains lithium silicates that penetrate more easily and react faster with the calcium hydroxide in concrete, resulting in the creation of Calcium Silicate Hydrate. This makes the concrete more durable, dense, stronger, and more resistant to penetration.

However, it is important to note that not all lithium silicates are equally effective at densifying floors. The concentration of lithium silicates varies from one manufacturer to another, which can affect the densifier’s efficiency. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a material specifically designed for concrete flooring use, like MACt Lithium Densifier.

One of the unique benefits of lithium is its ability to reduce Concrete Cancer. By adding alkalis to concrete, silicate aggregates can react with alkalis and cause the Alkali Silica Reaction (ASR), commonly known as Concrete Cancer. Both sodium and potassium exacerbate and drive the ASR reaction, while lithium silicates actively protect the concrete from ASR degradation by deactivating the silicate minerals and glasses in the aggregate.

MACt Lithium Densifier has several features and benefits, including rapid penetration, improved appearance and light reflection, active protection against ASR, quick reaction within the concrete, low porosity, high strength, reduced staining, easy maintenance, and easy application. While it may be more expensive, it saves time and wear on equipment and diamonds, improves gloss, and increases the resilience of the concrete.

Before applying MACt Lithium Densifier, it is important to prepare the surface properly by removing all coatings, penetrating sealers, membranes, release agents, or other surface contaminants. Ensure that the concrete surface is clean and dry to ensure the best absorption into the surface. For highly burnished concretes, grind with a 200 grit to expose aggregate before applying MACt Blended Densifier.

The application rate of MACt Lithium Densifier will vary depending on factors such as the age of the concrete, quality, and original compressive strength. A newly laid concrete will require less than an old concrete of the same strength, while a concrete with added water during laying will require the most densifier. Typically, values in the range of 5 – 20 liters per square meter can be expected, but it is crucial to determine the exact amount required for the specific concrete being treated through pre-application testing.

To apply the densifier, mix well before use and apply at the determined rate using a hand sprayer, clean broom, or microfiber mop. Apply evenly, avoiding pooling, and in several coats if necessary, wet-on-wet, depending on the absorbency of the concrete. Once saturated, if the floor is not going to be ground, remove the film with a dry microfiber mop. For fresh concrete, apply the densifier at the determined rate and once saturated, remove the film with a dry microfiber mop. Once dry, apply the specified curing membrane and buff off the curing compound.

In summary, MACt Lithium Densifier is a highly effective solution for concrete polishing and dust proofing, with several benefits over potassium or sodium silicates. Proper surface preparation and testing are critical to determine the exact application rate, ensuring optimal densification and protection of the concrete.

Specific gravity @ 25oC

1.168 – 1.195 gcm-3

Total Solids

≥11.5 %

Silicon dioxide content

10.5 % m/m

Lithium oxide content, (Li2O)


Ratio SiO2/Li2O

4.35 – 5.0


<20.0 cps

Sulphates as Na2SO4

<0.02% m/m

Total Sodium as Na

<0.03% m/m

Chloride as NaCl

<0.005% m/m


1.094 gcm-3



VOC content

0 %

Shelf Life

12 months

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Dimensions 28 × 23 × 41 cm
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