Imer Screed & Mortar Mix 120 Plus-1.4 kw Motor

$4,994.00 Inc GST

Imer 120 Plus Screed & Mortar Mixer: A Pioneer in GFRC/GRC Manufacturing

Imer Screed & Mortar Mix 120 Plus-1.4 kw Motor
Imer Screed & Mortar Mix 120 Plus-1.4 kw Motor $4,994.00 Inc GST
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Imer Screed & Mortar Mix 120 Plus-1.4 kw Motor
Imer Screed & Mortar Mix 120 Plus-1.4 kw Motor
$4,994.00 Inc GST

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Imer Screed & Mortar Mix 120 Plus-1.4 kw Motor

The realm of advanced construction demands tools that not only embody excellence but also versatility. The Imer 120 Plus Screed & Mortar Mixer, driven by its powerful 1.4kW motor, is the embodiment of such demands, meticulously crafted for professionals whose primary focus lies in GFRC (Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete) and GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete) manufacturing.

Prime Features and Benefits

  • Peak Performance: Anchored by its potent 1.4kW motor, the Imer 120 Plus pledges consistent and unparalleled mixing prowess, even with the most tenacious materials.
  • Compact Yet Comprehensive: Despite its power-packed performance, the mixer boasts a compact stature, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into limited spaces. Its advanced planetary mixing system guarantees uniformly blended mixes each time.
  • Efficient Mixing System: The mixer’s forced-duty planetary mixing configuration, equipped with precision-engineered paddles, guarantees smooth, airless mixtures in record time.
  • Adaptive Discharge Height: Thanks to its retractable legs, the mixer offers adjustable discharge heights between 677mm to 612mm, adapting to various workspace demands.
  • Operational Ease and Mobility: The Imer 120 Plus is designed with the user in mind. Its strategically integrated upper wheels and pull-out handles ensure swift movement and hassle-free discharging.
  • Uncompromised Safety: Safety remains paramount with this mixer. An innovative electric device halts paddle rotation the moment the grid is raised, safeguarding the operator.

Inbuilt Equipment Features

  • Steady single-phase motor (230V/50Hz) guaranteeing a continuous power thrust.
  • A longevity-focused gearbox immersed in an oil bath, combined with an elite Poly-V transmission belt.
  • Supplementary wheels and lifting provisions for effortless maneuverability and handling.
  • User-centric extendable grips.
  • Grid incorporated with bag-splitting blades, ensuring safe and efficient material loading.
  • Versatile paddle rotation reversal gear to match varied mixing needs.
  • A state-of-the-art switch mechanism with an overheating safeguard, an IP 55 insulation classification, no-volt coil, and a stringent IP67 plug.

Technical Distinctions

  • Ambient Noise Level at 70 dB(A) in the operator’s vicinity.
  • Power-efficient Running Current of 9 amps.
  • Motor’s Power Capacity: 1.4 kW.
  • Paddle operates with a rhythm of 38 rpm.
  • Expansive Drum Diameter at 745mm.
  • Mixing Yield is an impressive 90 litres.
  • Total Drum Volume: 120 litres.
  • A pragmatic width of 755mm ensures it passes through conventional doorways with ease.

Key Applications

The Imer 120 Plus Screed & Mortar Mixer specialise in:

  • GFRC and GRC manufacturing, catering to the modern needs of advanced construction.
  • Preparing screeds and mortars for diverse applications.
  • Crafting tiling adhesives and grouts.
  • Plaster and render concoction for walls.
  • Curating substrates for elaborate landscaping projects.
  • And a myriad of other applications demanding precision mixing.

Concluding Notes

For those engaged in GFRC and GRC manufacturing, the Imer 120 Plus Screed & Mortar Mixer emerges as an indispensable asset. Its comprehensive feature set, tailored for advanced construction tasks, ensures that your projects, especially in the domain of GFRC and GRC, are executed to perfection. Elevate your construction standards with the unmatched prowess of the Imer 120 Plus.

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Weight 130 kg
Dimensions 90 × 90 × 120 cm