Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric Three Phase 415V 50Hz

$16,940.00 Inc GST

Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric: The Forefront of Advanced Mixing Technology

Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric Three Phase 415V 50Hz
Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric Three Phase 415V 50Hz $16,940.00 Inc GST
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Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric Three Phase 415V 50Hz
Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric Three Phase 415V 50Hz
$16,940.00 Inc GST

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When it comes to specialised mixing tasks, professionals know the significance of a dependable and powerful mixer. Made in Italy, the Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric Three Phase 415V 50Hz stands tall as a medium capacity forced action screed mixer that is perfectly tailored for GFRC/GRC, Hempcrete, playground rubber, and more. Offering a blend of advanced technology and robust construction, this machine ensures an unrivaled mixing experience every time.

Key Highlights and Benefits

  • Unyielding Performance: Powered by a 3-phase motor, the Imer Mortar Mix 360 guarantees unmatched strength, seamlessly mixing even the densest products. Its expertly crafted high-performance paddle design, coupled with the agitator paddle, accelerates the production of lean mortar.
  • Broad Application Range: This mixer is the optimal choice for varied materials such as GFRC/GRC, Hempcrete, tiler screed mixes, render mixes, playground rubber, gypsum-based vermiculite products, construction grouts, and levelling compounds.
  • Built to Last: The machine’s robust bowl and material outlet are constructed to ensure years of continuous, hassle-free mixing.
  • Ease of Use and Mobility: With pneumatic wheels and height-adjustable legs, the Imer Mortar Mix 360 offers an easy movement experience. Maneuverability on construction sites is a breeze.
  • Precision Discharge: The novel design of the discharge opening protection ensures a blend of maximum accuracy and minimal effort during material handling.
  • Simple Material Loading: Equipped with a grid that comes with a bag-splitting blade, loading materials is both efficient and straightforward.
  • Advanced Mixing System: The planetary mixing system ensures a quick mixing process and optimal discharge speeds.
  • Clean Operation: With paddles integrated with rubber inserts, drum cleaning becomes effortless.
  • Safety and Stability: The mixer emphasizes operator safety with features like the paddle rotation stop mechanism activated when the drum’s protection grid is opened. Additionally, the extendable legs promise incredible stability for a wide range of mortar buckets.


The Imer Mortar Mix 360 is the go-to solution for working requirements involving both bagged pre-mixed materials and silos, ensuring a consistent and reliable mix with every use.

Standard Features Include

  • Electric safety limit switch ensuring safe operation.
  • A powerful three-phase 400V/50Hz electric motor providing consistent power.
  • Thermal-magnetic switch with IP 55 no-volt coil and IP 67 plug for added safety measures.
  • Grid equipped with bag-splitting blades, which promotes good visibility and protection against unintentional contact.
  • Pneumatic wheels coupled with a torsion bar to enhance on-site mobility.


In the realm of advanced mixing solutions, the Imer Mortar Mix 360 Electric stands as a testament to innovation, efficiency, and reliability. Specifically engineered for specialized tasks like GFRC/GRC and Hempcrete mixing, this machine promises to be an invaluable asset for professionals aiming for perfection. Elevate your construction projects with the unparalleled prowess of the Imer Mortar Mix 360.

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