Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC

$1,680.00 Inc GST

Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC revolutionizes your workspace. This powerful yet compact vacuum excels in extracting dust from various materials, including concrete and hardwood. Its 1200W motor delivers exceptional airflow, while the AutoStart feature ensures efficient operation.

With a flat top, large wheels, automatic filter cleaning, and the option to power two sanders simultaneously, it’s the ultimate choice for a cleaner and more productive workspace. Trusted by professionals in the GFRC and concrete industry, this dust extractor prioritizes your health and workplace cleanliness.

Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC
Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC $1,680.00 Inc GST
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Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC
Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC
$1,680.00 Inc GST

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Mirka Dust Extractor 1230 M AFC

Elevate your workspace with the exceptional dust extraction capabilities of the Mirka 1230M AFC Dust Extractor. This compact yet powerful vacuum has become the preferred choice for the Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) and concrete industry, offering an unrivaled blend of high-performance extraction and quiet operation.

The Mirka 1230M excels in dealing with a multitude of materials, including hardwoods, board materials, and notably, concrete and brick dust. Its advanced features make it an invaluable asset for those working with GFRC and concrete, where efficient dust extraction is paramount to ensuring a safe and clean workspace, mitigating the risk of silicosis – an occupational lung disease.

At the core of the 1230M is a robust 1200-watt motor, capable of extracting a remarkable 4500 litres of air per minute. Despite its potent performance, this commercial-grade dust extractor is housed in a compact unit that can easily fit in confined spaces, maximizing your workspace efficiency.

Enhancing its operational intelligence, the 1230M comes with an innovative AutoStart feature. This function synchronizes the vacuum with the connected tool’s operation, automatically starting and stopping the extractor, resulting in extended motor life and significantly reduced noise levels.

Designed for maximum convenience, the 1230M is equipped with a flat top for additional storage space, large wheels for easy transportation, an automatic filter cleaning system for consistent performance, and an airflow sensor to alert when airflow drops below optimal levels.

A standout feature is its capability, with the optional Dual Vacuum Kit, to power two sanders simultaneously, boosting productivity by eliminating the need to swap between tools and dust extractors.

The Mirka 1230M AFC Dust Extractor’s specifications:

  • Class: M class
  • Application: Hard woods, Paint, Plaster, Putty, GFRC, Concrete, Site Vac
  • Type: Automatic Filter Cleaning
  • Power Input: 1200W
  • Voltage: 220-240 VAC
  • Noise Level: 60 dB
  • Frequency: 50/60Hz
  • Airflow Volume: 4500 l/min
  • Vacuum: 250 mbar
  • Tank Volume: 30 Litre
  • Dimensions: H 565 mm x L 565 mm x W 385 mm
  • Weight: 14.5kg
  • Hose: Not included
  • Anti-static: Yes

The Mirka 1230M AFC Dust Extractor has proven its worth in capturing dusts that exceed the workplace exposure standard of 0.1 mg/m3. This makes it a trusted choice for the GFRC and concrete industry, where it’s renowned for efficient extraction of wood dust, including MDF, and especially concrete dust.

Experience the power, efficiency, and quiet operation of the Mirka 1230M AFC Dust Extractor. Make it your go-to solution for professional dust extraction in the GFRC and concrete industry, ensuring a cleaner workspace and prioritizing your health.


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