Mirka Galaxy Sanding Sheets 81x133mm Grip Multifit 50/Pack

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Mirka Galaxy 150mm Grip Multifit, 50/Pack -P40 offer high-performance sanding. They excel in longevity and efficiency with self-sharpening ceramic grains and a clog-resistant coating. Multifit grip ensures secure attachment, and the dust-repelling surface simplifies cleanup.

Suitable for various materials, these sheets work on steel, non-ferrous metal, and composites, making them versatile for many applications. Whether professional or DIY enthusiast, trust Mirka Galaxy for exceptional sanding results. Upgrade today for enhanced performance and precision in your projects.

Mirka Galaxy Sanding Sheets 81x133mm Grip Multifit 50/Pack
Mirka Galaxy Sanding Sheets 81x133mm Grip Multifit 50/Pack $59.00$64.90 Inc GST
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Mirka Galaxy Sanding Sheets 81x133mm Grip Multifit 50/Pack
Mirka Galaxy Sanding Sheets 81x133mm Grip Multifit 50/Pack
$59.00$64.90 Inc GST

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Mirka Galaxy 150mm Grip Multifit, 50/Pack -P40

Introducing the Mirka Galaxy: a revolutionary, high-tech abrasive that epitomizes the harmonious marriage of longevity and efficiency. This groundbreaking product employs a unique self-sharpening ceramic grain, an innovative clog-resistant coating, and the new Multifit™ hole configuration, setting it apart from its contemporaries in the market.

The Mirka Galaxy is the brainchild of avant-garde technology that breathes new life into abrasives. Each ceramic grain incorporated into the design is self-sharpening, a feature that lends itself to the abrasive’s impressive longevity. How, you may ask? As the edge of an abrasive grain breaks off, a new cutting edge forms in its place. This regenerative process allows the Galaxy to sustain its cutting capabilities, making it a valuable tool for those seeking durability without compromising performance.

Designed with numerous features, the Galaxy boasts of its regenerative ceramic grains that provide constant self-sharpening. It integrates Multifit hole technology, ensuring optimal dust extraction during use, and flaunts a non-sticking, dust-repelling surface that makes clean up a breeze. The combination of these elements results in an abrasive that offers fast cutting, excellent edge wear resistance, and a notably prolonged lifespan, all the while repelling dust and resisting clogging.

Further emphasizing its practicality, the Galaxy comes with low VOC resin system bonding and a semi-open coating. The backing material is crafted from durable polyester film, which enhances its structural integrity. Aesthetically pleasing with its blueish hue, the Galaxy’s form is that of a disc with a diameter of 150mm, with ceramic/aluminium oxide grains, and a Multifit hole configuration.

The Galaxy is versatile and its application scope is broad, providing you with a high-performing abrasive suitable for a multitude of materials. From steel and non-ferrous metal to synthetic materials and chipboard, the Galaxy proves itself as a reliable tool. Whether you’re working on paint stripping, plaster, solid surfaces, veneers, or plastics, this abrasive has got you covered. The Galaxy also excels in refining harder materials such as stainless steel, composites, hardwood, and lacquers, as well as softer, resinous wood, MDF, and HDF.

The Mirka Galaxy is a multi-purpose, high-performance abrasive that surpasses expectations in both durability and efficiency. Its innovative design and features offer a multitude of benefits for both professional and DIY use, making it an excellent choice for your next project. Turn to the Galaxy for a seamless, high-quality finish, every time.

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