New advanced mould making course announced by MACt

We are happy to announce our 1-day Advanced Mould Making Course as part of MACt’s commitment to continuously support and deliver further training in the GFRC Industry. This was one of the key topics GFRC Manufacturers wanted to learn more about, according to a lot of input we’ve received from the industry.

In order to ensure that we do everything in our power to ensure your success, MACt and Playdrive will also offer continuing assistance.

These new courses’ topics include:

Introduction to the theory of mould design (foundational concepts)
Typical mould overview and industry norms
Overall Mould Making Process Materials Used Methods

Carl Behrendorff, who has a distinguished career as a designer and production manager in his ten years working in the design and manufacturing industry, and Chris Born, MACt’s Technical Director, are the instructors for the courses.

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