What our students have to Say about our product and their learning experience in MACt Academy

Listen to what one of our recent students has to say about the course and the  the outcomes of the MACt Academy course.

My name’s Megan and I’m from Rockhampton, and my husband Michael and I came down to do the course here at MACT and we’ve been doing some concrete work for a couple of years. It’s just really been a hobby so far, but we saw the course and we decided to take part because we’re interested in sort of taking the next step, I suppose.

So we really wanted to get experience working with FRC because we haven’t done that in the past. And this course has just been a really great introduction to the product as well as giving us the confidence to know that we will be able to work with it in the future.

I really loved how the team here were very open and honest about their procedures and even their failings at times. And it was really great to see things from different people working in the know. Carl’s got the design experience and Chris has got that operational background and just to see how it all comes together is really fascinating and just gives.

You that insight that you might not have had otherwise. It was really great to work on just the individual projects, but it was also good to have a go at a bigger scale project that the team here were working on and just sort of understand some of the challenges and the logistics around doing the larger scale pieces.

I think when we get home, we we’re going to have the confidence to have a go at this ourselves. So, as I said, GFRC is something we haven’t worked with before. But now I feel like we can go ahead and with the experience that we’ve had previously, we’ll be able to do a few trial pieces, maybe work.

On some stuff for family and friends and just build that confidence so we can then feel more comfortable in taking the next step, in possibly making a business out of this. Yeah, I guess for anyone who’s considering doing the course, I would really highly recommend it.

There’s so many benefits that you can get out of this regardless of what level you’re at, you know, whether you’ve got no knowledge at all, there’s definitely benefits to be gained from doing the course. But even if you’ve done it a little bit before and you just want to up your game on the concrete furniture making, then this will really help a lot!

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