Eibenstock FloorMix 2300

$3,433.57 Inc GST

Eibenstock FloorMix 2300

Eibenstock FloorMix 2300
Eibenstock FloorMix 2300 $3,433.57 Inc GST
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Eibenstock FloorMix 2300
Eibenstock FloorMix 2300
$3,433.57 Inc GST

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Eibenstock FloorMix 2300

The special mixing paddle developed by experts for high-shear mixing counteracts lump formation and prevents material deposits at its base and rim.

The Eibenstock FloorMix 2300 is a powerful and reliable mixing tool designed for use in the flooring industry. This mixer is perfect for the preparation and mixing of self-levelling compounds, allowing flooring professionals to achieve a smooth and even surface.

With a mixing capacity of up to 60 liters, the FloorMix 2300 can easily handle large batches of levelling compound. The powerful 1,800-watt motor provides the necessary torque to mix even the thickest compounds, ensuring a consistent and high-quality mix every time.

The FloorMix 2300 features a variable speed control that allows for precise adjustments to the mixing speed, ensuring the perfect mix for every type of levelling compound. The mixer also has a soft-start function that prevents splashing and helps to prolong the life of the mixer.

The ergonomic design of the FloorMix 2300 makes it easy to use and comfortable to handle. The mixer is equipped with a handle that allows for easy transportation and storage, and the low center of gravity provides stability during operation.

One of the key features of the FloorMix 2300 is its robust construction. The mixer is built to withstand the demands of the flooring industry, with a durable housing and high-quality components that ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

In addition to its high-performance mixing capabilities, the FloorMix 2300 is also easy to clean and maintain. The mixer’s detachable mixing head and smooth surface design make it easy to clean, and the motor is equipped with an automatic shut-off function that prevents damage in case of overheating.

The FloorMix 2300 is not just limited to the flooring industry, however. Its versatility makes it a valuable tool for any professional who requires a powerful and reliable mixing tool. It can be used for mixing a wide range of materials, including mortars, plasters, and paints.

Overall, the Eibenstock FloorMix 2300 is a powerful and versatile mixing tool that is well-suited for use in the flooring industry. With its robust construction, powerful motor, and precise speed control, this mixer can handle even the toughest mixing jobs with ease. Whether you are a flooring professional or simply need a high-performance mixer for your work, the FloorMix 2300 is an excellent choice.


  • Homogenous and lump free mixing of floating screed, leveling fillers, fiber-reinforced fillers, colored coatings, liquid plastics
  • Optimally suited for low-viscosity flooring compounds
  • Dust free working
  • Floor renovators, tilers


  • Special stirring rod avoids clumping and material deposits on the base and sides
  • Robust, powerful 2,300 W motor – very high torque
  • Electronic – soft start, constant speed, temperature control and overload cut-off
  • Switch with dust protection and protection against re-start
  • Start mixing function with reduced speed and optimal adjustment of the speed to the mixing material
  • Drive unit with stirring rod can be separated from the carriage without any tools – easy to clean
  • Well-balanced center of gravity – easy tipping and precise dosing
  • Compact dimensions – easy maneuvering and pouring
  • Pouring device – optimal disperse of the material
  • Transport carriage with handles and big wheels – mobile use of the station at the construction sites
  • 4 castors – move into all directions, highest mobility, pour and drive in one step
  • Connection for dust exhaust Ø 35 mm – dust reduced filling and mixing of the materials


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